The Period Bracelet: Evil Eye Bracelet

The Period Bracelet: Evil Eye Bracelet


1/3 of proceeds help provide period products for those in need. 

Dot Dot Dot = Ellipsis = Period Period Period

We are not only accentuating periods with 3 dots, each bracelet worn continues the conversation about menstruation, helping to normalize period talk. 

This bracelet handmade with natural stones: Aquatic Agate + Brass. 

Available is 3 sizes. 

SMALL: 6” - 6.75”

MEDIUM: 6.75” - 7.5” 

LARGE: 7.5”+

* Bracelets are handmade, keep in mind colours may vary. 

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Things that differ from accepted norms are labelled with the prefix ‘a’ - meaning ‘not’ or ‘without’.  At aFemme we create content related to topics, ideas, and experiences that are not accepted or considered to be feminine by society’s standards.  We use our creativity and artistic approaches to depict the real, honest experiences of being a womyn and make them beautiful, funny, and something to talk about.